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Faux Fireplaces

One can spend a few hundred dollars and many hours building a faux fireplace to accent a room or attempt to make it feel warmer....looks nice, but it is still a faux fireplace. They usually look "home-made".Faux fireplace using gelfuel

How about a nice mantel, a real firebox and screen that will burn a real flame on a fireplace you can place anywhere in your home without any hookups? Our Alcohol gel fireplaces are your best option for a faux fireplace. They can be moved from location to another in minutes as no hookups are required. We are your online source for Zero Clearance Gel fireplaces and fireplace accessories that can be set up in an hour and starting at under 400.00. Real Flames with pop and crackle will complete the look that will complete that room you wish to accent. Safe, Ventless, Decorative gel fireplaces that can fit anywhere in your home or apartment

Our fireplaces are not designed to be a primary heating source, but will produce over 3000 BTU of heat per canister. You may use up to 3 canisters to increase the warmth and the size of the flame. Unlike the vent-free gas log fireplaces which uses room-air for combustion of toxic products that they emit through their smokes and fumes, the Vent Free fireplaces that we offer burn with the REAL FLAME gel fuel to produce a simulated crackling effect of fire that makes these fireplaces doubly appealing for your fireplace recreation without the adverse effects of harmful carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide that the gas log fireplaces produce during their combustion.

Our fireplaces produce a pop and crackle to complete the look of your Vent Free fireplace not available in an Gas Vent Free fireplace. Why build a faux fireplace when you can have a real flame fireplace complete and ready to use anywhere starting at about $399.99?

Gel Fireplace fireboxes may only be used in a Realflame fireplace.

Fireboxes are not sold separately.


Faux fireplace using gelfuel

If you wish to stay away from a live flame, but still would like the heat and ambiance of a fireplace, consider an electric fireplace or an electric insert if you are still going to attempt to build your mantel. Our electric fireplace insert is safe and even has a remote control for the heated blower and flame intensity.

Electric fireboxes are sold separately and easy to install.

If you have not yet built your faux fireplace, save yourself the trouble and consider on of our pre-built mantels.