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Vent Free Gas Fireplaces May Not Be A Good Option:

Ventless Fireplaces are manufactured for those home where you wish to display a fireplace and there is no chimney. Ventless Gas Fireplaces have become the most popular type available as no chimney is needed and they do produce heat. These gas ventless fireplaces are becoming more and more controversial as time goes on. It now seems like the installation has to be in an environment safe for that type of fireplace. The manufacturers talk of new technology which includes features like a catalytic converter or an oxygen depletion sensor. Think about the term "oxygen depletion sensor"...does it sound safe to operate a product that depletes so much oxygen in the room you need a sensor to let you know when that happens. If these were safe form the beginning, why would these new technologies even be necessary. Some users have reported headaches, sinus problems, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation and eventually breathing problems while using ventfree gas fireplaces.

If you already have a gas connection and an electrical connection at your fireplace area, you might consider a vented gas fireplace. There are some that bring the air in from outside to provide the O2 for combustion.

Enter Ventless Gel Fireplaces - A better alternative

Ventless Gel Fireplaces are perfect when you want the decor aspect of a handsome mantel and an occasion fire for effect and no to use as a primary heating source for the room. These ventless fireplaces come in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment any decor. The byproducts produced from an alcohol gel fireplace is a little water vapor and a little Carbon Dioxide...the gas we breathe out when exhaling. 

Gel fireplaces will not produce the heat like would be produced from a ventless gas fireplace, however each canister will produce up to 3000 BTUs of heat per canister. You may have up to three burning at the same time for an impressive flame.

Gel fuel is made from either Ethanol, Methanol or Isopropyl Alcohol. We prefer Real Flame fireplace fuel as it seems to burn cleaner using the Isopropyl Alcohol base. A gelling agent is used to keep the fuel in the canister for safety. By adding a small amount of Sodium Chloride to the mixture (salt), it not only could produce an impressive flame, but would also create a nice pop and crackle like a wood fire.

The log set is designed to fit one or up to three cans burning at the same time. The log set is enclosed in an all metal black firebox to contain the flames and project the heat into the room where the gel fireplace is located. The heat is enough to take the chill out of the average size room. We have had many customers who keep Gel fuel on hand in case of a power loss due to Ice Storms. The flame provides some light, Silverton G8600-W White Gel Fireplaceambiance and some warmth while waiting for the power to be restored.


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