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Gel Fireplaces - Enjoy the warmth of a decorative gel fireplace without any odor, smoke, fumes or heavy fire logs. Once your Gel Fireplaces for salenew Gel flame fireplace is delivered, it takes only about an hour to assemble and can be placed anywhere you wish or moved later as your decor changes. RealFlame fireplaces are all "Zero Clearance Fireplaces" and come in a variety of styles to match any decor or setting. Oak, Mahogany and White Finishes are all here and this is the safest fireplace available today....Starting about $390.00 View all Gel Fireplaces on sale here!

Ventless Fireplaces - no smoke, zero clearance and no installation cost! It's Simple! Place this Ventless Fireplace anywhere in your home as it is completely freestanding, Zero Clearance and ventless. No fumes, odors and safe. Add a Gel Flame fireplace in your Living Room, Den or add the romance of a new fireplace to your Bedroom. Our fireplaces cost a fraction of the cost of a gas fireplace and require no hookups and are more attractive than most vent-less gas fireplaces. Simply place a can of Gelfuel behind the ceramic logs and your Gel Flame Fireplace will start immediately and burn for a few hours clean and odor free. Buy your Realflame fireplace today before the limited editions are retired. Clean, Ventless Fireplaces - Gel Fuel Fireplaces Place our Gel Burning Fireplace anywhere in your home as they are freestanding, Zero Clearance Fireplaces and completely ventless. No fumes, odors safe and smokeless. Add a Gel Flame fireplace in your Living Room, Den or add the romance of a new fireplace to your Bedroom. Why settle for a faux fireplace, when you can have a real flame with pop and crackle. Available to match your taste in any room in your home. We have Corner Fireplaces in several styles and finishes.

Patio Fireplaces  - Patio Gel Fireplaces Patio and Outdoor Fireplaces designed for use on an outdoor deck, Patio Gel Fireplacespatio, covered porch, arbor or gazebo. These are cleaner and far safer than burning wood. Ideal for anywhere log fires are restricted such as condo or apartment balconies! Patio gel burners of different styles for every setting. Patio gel fire bowls are also available and conversion kits that will convert your eye-irritating, smoking fire pit into a clean burning gel fuel patio fireplace. Extend your outdoor living season and enjoy a real fire without the mess and hassle of wood with a Realflame patio fireplace. View all Patio Fireplaces here - On Sale Now.

New Realflame Electric Fireplaces are now available

 Electric Fireplaces for Sale.  Enjoy the beauty of a Real Flame Electric fireplace.
New Vivid Flame Technology Electric Firebox plugs into any standard outlet for convenient set up. The features include remote control, programmable thermostat for the built in heater. Timer functions, brightness settings and ultra bright Vivid Flame LED technology.

Electric Fireplaces for SaleMedia Center Electric Fireplaces  -   These electric fireplaces also double as an entertainment center.  Available in all popular finishes, this unit is able to hold a television of 100 lbs or less and has adjustable shelving to accommodate most electronics. We also have the traditional electric fireplaces available.


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Purchase Your Gelfuel Here  - RealFlame Gel fuel is  is made from clean burning IPA. Don't settle for Methanol or Ethanol based fuels. The original with real "Pop and Crackle" and dancing flames.Each 13 ounce can burns for about 3 hours and produces about 1300 BTU of heat.
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