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  Gel Fireplaces at Just Fireplaces

Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Ventless gas fireplaces can be a potential threat to your health - Gel Fireplaces are a better Alternative.

If you have already converted your traditional wood-burning fireplace into a contemporary ventless gas fireplace or are contemplating to adapt one, it is advisable to first ascertain the advantages and disadvantages of using a ventless gas fireplace compared to a Gel Flame Fireplace.

There can be nothing like having a ventless gas fireplace at home during the fall months. Notwithstanding a snow flurry outside, you can enjoy the tenderness of spring indoors by switching on the vent less gas fireplace. Unlike in earlier times, when one had to collect, set up the logs and ignite the fireplace manually to enjoy the heat of his fireplace, setting up a ventless gas fireplace can give you instant warmth. In addition, most such ventless fireplaces come in attractive designs adding to the d�cor of your interiors.

Have you ever bothered to know the harm that a ventless gas fireplace may cause to the health of your family members? Most ventless gas fireplaces emit a variety of health-affecting contaminants, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, aldehydes and lots of water vapor, into the air of one's home. Though water vapor is not directly harmful, its condensation on building surfaces can contribute to development of mold infestations. Moreover, a ventless gas fireplace in a bedroom is an especially poor idea as it can result in very high local concentration of contaminants.

Have all this left you in a queer situation wondering what measures to adopt to update your traditional fireplace or replace the existing ventless gas fireplace? Though different people will come up with diverse suggestions, we will advise you to try the ventless Real Flame fireplaces. Unlike a ventless gas fireplace, Real Flame fireplaces run on an alcohol-based gel that is environment friendly, economical as well as easy to use. Besides allowing you to enjoy a warm, romantic fire in any room in your house without any of the cost or work associated with a traditional fireplace, Real Flame fireplaces confirm to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifications.

Unlike a ventless gas fireplace that runs on natural gas or propane, REAL FLAME gel fuel is economical and a pint-sized can that burns for three hours producing up to 3000 BTUs an hour costs approximately $ 0.85. You can order a case of 24 13 oz cans for $ 69.00 anywhere in continental USA. If you're convinced with the argument that Gel Flame fireplaces are superior to ventless gas fireplace, order one online now!

Why adapt ventless gas fireplace when REAL FLAME� is there? Our Gel Flame fireplaces are safer and a fraction of the cost compared to a Ventless Gas Fireplace.

Want to hear the "pop and crackle" and see the flames of our gel fireplaces? Click here to see our online video which will tell the whole story. Seeing is believing...Can it really be this simple?

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Gel Flame Fireplaces

Just Fireplaces offers the largest display of styles and finishes of Gel Flame and Portable gell fireplaces online. Click one of the images above to browse the selections in each category of Gel Fireplaces.

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