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Alcohol Gel Fireplaces

Alcohol gel fireplaces are your best option in an indoor portable fireplace. They can be moved from location to another in minutes as no hookups are required. We are your online source for alcohol gel fireplaces and fireplace accessories.

Clean Burning with No Smoke or Fumes -Real Flame Gel Fuel
Our Alcohol Gel Fireplaces burn an environmentally friendly IPA Alcohol that has been "gelled" so it will stay in the canister for safety. A Hypoallergenic, clean burning fire for about 3 hours per canister with the Pop and Crackle of a wood fire. Need to leave the house? You may quickly extinguish the flame by simply replacing the lid back on the canister and reuse the unburned Alcohol gel at a later time.

All Alcohol Gel ventless fireplaces require zero clearance and they come in a variety of styles to fit your decor or setting. ...Starting at only about $399.00. They sit directly against your wall and appear permanent just like it were "built-in" to your home.

Add warmth and ambiance to any room with a gel fireplace. Since no venting or chimney is required, you may place this fireplace anywhere against any wall. Gel fuel is an alcohol based liquid with a gelling agent to help keep the fuel in the can for safety and an enhanced shelf life.   Real flame gel fuel is made from premium isopropyl alcohol creates a bright and robust red, yellow and orange fire with the pop and crackle of a wood fire without all of the mess. Each can burns up to 3 hours long and produces about 3,000 BTUs per hour. You may use up to three cans at a time for a more impressive flame and more heat. If you purchase the optional opener / snuffer with your new fireplace, you may burn a new can for an hour or more, extinguish the flame and seal the can preserving the remaining fuel. Environmentally friendly and tested safe.

 Many mantels feature hand-carved designs and artesian details.
Choose from over thirty different styles and finishes. Set up is easy - a Phillips head screwdriver is all that is needed. Allow about 45 minutes to 1 hour to assemble. Portable, ventless fireplace may be easily moved should you wish to use your fireplace in a different room or area.

Want to hear the "pop and crackle" and see the flames of our gel fireplaces? Click here to see our online video which will tell the whole story.Seeing is believing...Can it really be this simple?

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