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Smokeless Fireplaces

Convert your smoky wood burning fireplace to a clean, gel fireplace in minutes using our gel fuel log set.Log Gel Fuel Conversion Set 2609-O in a real fireplace The kit contains a grate and cast firelogs available in different styles and finishes for a ligher or darker firelog finish.  Add the enclosed lava rock around the bottom of the grate for a more realistic finish.

There is a handle to the right side of the log set whick will raise the opper section of the stacked log so you may insert between one to three cans of gel fuel below the upper stack.

Light the opened can(s) of gelfuel and they will be slow to ignite for safety. It takes a few minutes for them to produce their fullest flame.

Wow.!  a dancing real flame with pop and crackle with no venting required. Each can of gelfuel produces about 3000 - 3500 BTUs of heat. Three cans burning at the same time is is not only impressive to watch, but soothing to hear. 

Advantages of Gel Fuel vs Wood Fires

1) No Toxic gases

2) No Venting required

3) No Smoke

4) No fire hazard from flying embers

5) Self Contained and need to adjustments or poking

6) Flame stays consistant for hours

7) Gel fuel may be stored inside

8) Leaving your house?  ...flame extinigshes in seconds and cans cool in minutes.

9) Portable...you may take your kit with you to your new home should you move.

10) No Fireplace in your home?  ...Our complete gel fireplaces start at about 400.00 and are also portable.

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