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Real Flame Fireplaces

Realflame Fireplaces have been the industry leader for over 20 years. Real Flame Gel fireplaces are your best option in an Real Flame fireplace. Every part is individually numbered so replacement parts are easily obtainable. They can be moved from location to another in minutes as no hookups are required.

Looking to add a romantic atmosphere to your living room or master bedroom?  Real Flame fireplaces can add that perfect touch to any room in the house. Excellent Flame height with a "pop and crackle" not available from a gas fireplace.

Real Flame FireplacesYou can now enjoy the warmth of a Real Flame fireplace without all the odor, smoke, fumes or hassle of heavy fire logs. No more hauling logs in from the cold, no more messy ashes, just come home, light a can of fuel and enjoy the warmth of your real flame fireplace! Once your new Real Flame fireplace is delivered, it takes only about an hour to assemble and can be placed anywhere you wish or moved later as your decor changes. It is as easy to move as a chair. All Real Flame fireplaces require zero clearance and they come in a variety of styles to fit your decor or setting. ...Starting about $399.00

Real Flame FireplacesWant to hear the "pop and crackle" and see the flames of our gel fireplaces? Click here to see our online video which will tell the whole story. Seeing is believing...Can it really be this simple?

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Real Flame Traditional Fireplaces

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Media Center Gel Fireplaces

New Media Center Gel Fireplace Styles

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